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The CLEP gives students the chance to earn college-level credits through a series of exams.

Benefits of the CLEP program:

  • Earn credit for previously learned knowledge
  • Advance your career and/or continue your education
  • Use your educational assistance money to enroll in more advanced courses
  • Make up missed courses
  • Graduate sooner

More than 2,900 colleges and universities offer credit or advanced standing based on the CLEP, with the minimum score for eligibility determined by each individual institution. Check with your college to confirm their requirements.

Peterson's Portable Practice Test Player

Take Peterson's practice tests anytime, even when you don't have internet access. It's easy:

  1. Download the player.
  2. Download the test you want to take.
  3. Start the player and take the test.

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Online Book

Provides a complete subject review and 2 practice tests for the 5 CLEP general subject tests: college composition, humanities, college mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences/history.